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About us

NanoFarb is always moving forward - it modernizes and creates new paints and varnishes, develops innovative technologies, opens new production sites, takes an active social position, supporting cities, social facilities, improves working conditions at its enterprises, takes care of the environment every day. NanoFarb is not only technologists, chemists, marketers and managers, but also a team of unique designers, engineers and electronics engineers - thanks to which enterprises were created and automated. On each of them, absolutely all equipment for production, storage and filling is created by the company. We have a number of deep knowledge in the field of water-based equipment and paints production, which gives us undeniable advantages. Under equal conditions, we will create a better and more profitable product from the same raw materials in fewer steps. The equipment created specifically for those processes and recipes gives a unique product worthy of the title of NANO.

NanoFarb today:

• there are 3 production sites in 3 countries (Ukraine, Moldova, St. Petersburg). (Але САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ - то не країна!!!!:)))
• Ukraine, Odessa, the production capacity of the enterprise is 4000 tons per year. It was launched in 2016
• Moldova, Bendery, the production capacity of the enterprise is 1000 tons per year. It was launched in 2006
• St. Petersburg, the production capacity of the enterprise is 1000 tons per year. It was launched in 2016

4 trademarks :
• Нанофарб
• Optimus
• Weiser
• Jazz


• Deep penetration primings, strengthening primings, priming- concentrates.
• Adhesion primers, quartz primers, concrete bonding agent.
• Interior and exterior paints.
• Structural paints.
• Decorative coatings.
• Varnishes
• Various adhesives.
• Water seal.

NanoFarb has 3 laboratories that develop new products, investigate the potential of existing paint improvements and varnish materials; calculate possible operational cost reductions with optimized building solutions. Thanks to the work of the laboratories, we offer the market innovative materials that meet modern requirements.